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I was ready to photograph my first wedding when there was a massive earthquake!



It was 2011. I had just bought my first professional grade camera because I was about to photograph my first wedding! Up until this point photography had just been a hobby. It was something I did for free and just for fun. I wanted it to be more than that, but at this point I […]

How would I find a wedding photographer?



This is what I would do if I were looking for a wedding photographer… Friday 16th April marked 10 years that I have been photographing weddings. It is, without a doubt, the greatest thing I have ever done in my life. I have never had to find a wedding photographer. People often ask me who […]

Photo of Tara in her 2nd hand vintage wedding dress by Caroline Castigliano

Say “YES” to an eco-friendly wedding dress



How to make a statement with the most important part of your wedding day.   By Marc Bates   In 2017 I photographed the waste -free wedding of Tara Button, Tara is a published author and founder of Buy me once. The company’s purpose is to inspire and encourage consumers to buy longer lasting products. […]

Give me one moment in time…



Kieran, his Dad Pierre and the most powerful image I have ever taken. Daisy & Kieran were supposed to be married this year, in fact at the time of writing this they would have been married for 4 days by now. We would still be recovering or sharing stories about the beautiful day or the […]

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