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July 22, 2022

It was just another Sunday on the sofa…

As a wedding photographer, my Saturdays are usually spent at weddings which means my Sundays are spent recovering from my Saturdays. Sunday June 10th was no different and I decided as I was recovering at home that I would watch the tennis. I was going to watch the Wimbledons Men’s final, which I can’t ever remember doing!

As I watched the events unfold on centre court, I witnessed the behaviour of  the Australian player. This was his first time in the final.  I saw him repeatedly shouting at his small team of supporters,  and it appeared that he was becoming more and more irate. I saw him complaining to the referee, and asking that a spectator be removed for talking to him during the game.

It felt to me as though the pressure and the enormity of the event was too much for him. He looked visibly stressed. Once the match concluded I learned that this player didn’t have a coach. Everything I had seen made sense to me.

Let me be absolutely clear…

I am on not an expert on tennis or indeed ANY sport. I once hit myself in the face trying to throw a rugby ball.  This blog is not a commentary on sporting ability, but more of an observation of human behaviour in stressful situations. Having watched the match I found myself wondering if this player had a coach working with him, the result of the final could have been different.

I can only speak from my personal experience of  stressful situations, running a business and all of the obstacles that come from this.  When we are involved in a huge event or a new project there is pressure. We want it to go right and we are desperate to be successful. In those moments we need someone with us who knows more than we do. We need someone who has maybe done it before, who can see all of the pieces on the board, all of the possible moves they will make and the consequences of each of these.

I am a multi award winning wedding photographer, and people think I am good at what I do, but I am not a self made man. My ability to do what I do, as well as I do it, did not happen in a vacuum. It didn’t happen without the help and guidance of others. I have a coach and a mentor, I have a therapist and I have a community of other wedding professionals that I go to for advice. I have these people because I cannot do it all myself.


In the story of our lives we have heroes and villains, but the most important person is the guide.
That person who can help you, who lifts you up and pushes you forward or pulls you back when you go too far off track.
In a Wimbledon final that person is your coach, on your wedding day it is your wedding planner.



The wedding planner is someone who brings your dream wedding to life. By taking the time to get to know you, and understand your vision, they create something truly unique. Your planner is involved in every aspect of your planning, every decision required to bring that vision to life.
This can include finding the right suppliers in what can seem like a sea of industry professionals.**


On the day your planner is a cross between the Wedding General and Wedding Guardian Angel.

As the General, they know the plan and who needs to be where for this mission to be a success! As the Guardian Angel, they protect and guide you during the most important day of your life. I see first hand how stressful a wedding day can be. When you don’t hire a planner, every query or problem is given to the married couple to solve.

I once heard a Groom say to his Mum:
“I have three Best Men, and seven Groomsmen can you ask one of them?”

A wedding planner becomes a shield and a filter, they cut through all of it.

Working with a good wedding planner makes all the difference to me as your Wedding Photographer. There is a sense of calm in knowing that whatever happens that person and their team are two steps ahead. As a supplier it takes away a whole list of things I need to worry about. It means that I can be better at my job and concentrate on creating beautiful visuals for my clients.

Working with a great planner is a thing of absolute beauty.

It is an investment for sure, but it means you can truly have the best day of your life. In my opinion it is money well spent. If I ever get married (WHEN WILL IT BE MEEEEE???) I would absolutely hire a wedding planner to create my dream wedding.

It is my honour to know some of the finest creative minds in this field from around the world. If you are looking for a recommendation for a wedding planner please let me know.


**There are many options when booking the services of a wedding planner, for the purposes of this piece, I am speaking in the context of having a full service wedding planner. 


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