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September 9, 2023


Looking back – Matt & Frankie


They looked like two people who had loved each other their whole lives. That is the way I would describe Matt & Frankie. This week we celebrate 5 years of them being married! What a brilliant, beautiful, hilarious day it was! As it is their 5th anniversary, I wanted to share a few of my favourite images from my day with these two wonderful people.


Where did the journey begin?

As a luxury wedding photographer, making the right first impression is everything, but something I have learned in my life is that by the time you think about making a first impression you have probably already made one.

My journey with Matt & Frankie started at the national wedding show in London. I have never exhibited at a wedding show before, but decided now was the time. My booth was right near the entrance, and I was the first photographer that people would see. Matt and Frankie came over to say hello, we had a short conversation, they took my information and then carried on walking around. I had no idea until after they booked me that walking away Frankie turned to Matt and said: “That is our wedding photographer!


The gallery

So five year later I still love to look at Matt & Frankie’s wedding images. There are some brilliant photos here and I am incredibly proud of the collection. I have included just some of my favourite images from the day. To give you a small glimpse into their day.


Best wedding photographer  
UK wedding awards 2018

Best Wedding Photographer 
The British Wedding Awards 2020

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