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September 4, 2023


Behind the scenes with
Louise Perry Weddings



Last month it was my pleasure to work alongside one of my favourite wedding planners as she and her team created a magical two-day, multi faith wedding in the Cotswolds. After months of discussion, I was invited by Louise Perry to capture behind the scenes photos and observe the work of Louise Perry Weddings.

It was something I have been thinking about doing for a long time. I wanted to know and see first-hand what it was like to be a wedding planner. As a luxury wedding photographer, I have worked with planners before and captured images of them during the wedding, but it was always from my point of view as the wedding photographer. I was very much focussed on that task and ensuring that I was capturing the moments for my Brides and Grooms.

This time I was not there to photograph the day, but instead record the process of bringing that day to life.

I have spoken before and quite recently about my thoughts on whether you should employ the services of a wedding planner. It has always been my belief that you need a single person or team whose job it is to organise and run your wedding day.
Watching the LPW team in action I realise how right I was in my belief.

Over the two days I gained a deeper respect for the role of a wedding planner, I saw and heard what they were dealing with and how they navigated each set back and issue with professionalism and grace. Before a single guest arrived, before a single glass of champagne was poured these women were lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling this wedding day together. They knew exactly how everything should look and where it should be.



Of service to everyone…

They were a touch point for each individual supplier all of whom had different requirements to ensure they could deliver their best work. We were all one team, and it was wonderful to watch as well as be a part of. The images I have included in this blog piece show a very small part of what was done by Louise and her team. Every task they carried out, every crucial conversation and important decision was made far away from the Bride and Groom and long before the wedding had begun.



Making the tough decisions

On the second day the wedding breakfast was to be held outside at 1700. The weather looked good and showed signs of improving, but Louise decided at 10.43 that the meal should be inside. It just wasn’t warm enough for the guests and even the slight risk of rain wasn’t worth it.

At 1700 the guests were called for dinner and the heavens opened. In my head, I imagined the chaotic scenes of the caterers trying to move the fully set tables inside in the rain. From the clients to the guests to the suppliers, I imagined the impact that this would have. It was a beautiful save and the perfect decision. It was just one item, on a long list of things that the clients would never know about.

They could just relax and enjoy their wedding day. The planning team had taken care of everything else.



My take aways

On the drive home and in the days that followed I thought a lot about what I had seen that weekend. I thought a lot about the two days I had spent with Louise and the LPW team. What I can tell you is that the experience was incredibly educational from all aspects and angles.  It was such a pleasure to be able to observe the planning team during the two days.

It underlined the importance of wedding planners. I have photographed weddings where there was no planner, and the couple are inundated with every issue that arises. Your wedding planner is the shield that protects you from this. They ensure as Louise and her team did, that all you need to worry about is enjoying your day. You can concentrate on making sure you spend time with the people in the room.

A wedding day passes by so quickly and the time with your guests is incredibly limited. This collection of friends and family will most likely never ever be together in one place. Wouldn’t it be wonderful just to spend a few moments with each of them? To not have to worry about anything else. To be able to be present is the most wonderful wedding gift you can give yourself.

Final thought

I will never ever stop talking about the importance of wedding planners and the service they provide to you. They make your day better for everyone involved. In the absence of a wedding planner, much of the organisation falls to the next most visible wedding vendor. That person is usually me and the photography team. As your wedding photographer, I will always go above and beyond for my clients. That being said, it is difficult to organise your wedding and photograph it at the same time.

I am never going to stop talking about the importance of having a wedding planner. I will never stop talking about how your planner is the one standing guard over your special day. They are standing by your side, it’s almost as though they are walking with you down the aisle.

The best day of your life doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a team of people to bring that vision to life. As your wedding photographer, I will do that for your images, but I cannot make sure every detail of the wedding is perfect.

I hope that you will invest in a planner when it is time for you to say I do. If you aren’t sure how or where to start, then please reach out to me. I know many brilliant planners and I would be happy to make a recommendation.


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