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I cannot do what I do without the help and support of your other wedding suppliers. It is the results of their hard work and passionate creativity that I photograph! One of the heroes of the day is always the make up artists and for this edition of the Expert Opinion blog series I was honoured to speak to three of my industry favourites!


Pamela & Andrea
Pamela & make up


Do your Research

Finding the right makeup artist can be an overwhelming experience. Think about your own personal make up style and look for an artist whose work will compliment that style. Edited photos on social media look beautiful but try looking for an artist that can show you photos with no editing of filters. Don’t be afraid to ask the artist as many questions as you want, we want to make sure we are the right fit for you! Always look up testimonials and reviews and if you can get a good recommendation from a previous bride, that’s even better.

Do not try any new beauty treatments just before your wedding day.

If you are wanting to try a new facial or eyelash extensions for the first time, we would always recommend doing this at least 2 months prior to the wedding date.
We think these things are wonderful if you know you are safe with the ingredients, but we have had a few occasions where brides have had severe reactions to certain treatments. It’s just not worth the risk! For the best facial, drink 3 litres of water every day for 2 weeks prior to your big day.

Ask your make-up artist for a list of touch up products.

We always endeavour to make our brides makeup last as long as possible, but it can be nice to have a little refresh going into the evening if your makeup artist isn’t going to be there with you. Buying the products your artist used will keep the makeup looking consistent throughout the day and evening, plus you know they work for your skin. We always suggest our brides carry a touch up of lipstick, blusher, concealer and powder, a little touch of all these things will leave you looking and feeling refreshed for the evening.


Charlotte Wadley
Charlotte Wadley Make Up


Trust the process

Your wedding day is not the day to try a totally new makeup look that you have NEVER worn before, so don’t fall to temptation when it comes to your trial. Stick to some key aspects of your makeup that make you feel like you. Your makeup will always feel a little different to how you have it because it’ll be done professionally, so the best way to feel like you is to stay true to yourself and not try to look like someone else.

Trust the experts

Your artist is the expert so TRUST THEM! Be open to trying new products like a new foundation or a lipstick. You never know, you might just fall in love with some new products!

Avoid the trends

Try to stick with something classic. Some trends like a cut crease look amazing but, like many, will come and go. You might like the look of it now, but how might it make you feel looking back at the makeup you had in 5, 10, 15+ years later.



Boe Wright
Botias Tailored Hair & Make up

Meet your MUA

I always recommend a bridal trial 3-4 months before the wedding. It is a great opportunity for the bride and I to meet and discuss all the fabulous plans for the big day and it is a really fun girly day in my studio to discuss and test ideas so the Bride knows on the day how her makeup will look and feel confident that it will last all day and night. Given my experience and knowledge, long-lasting makeup is something I specialise in.

Buy the products

At the Bride’s trial, we will discuss and try different lip combinations (liner, lipstick, gloss) and then I would recommend the Bride buys the chosen lipstick and a translucent powder for shine (I recommend the By Terry translucent powder) so you can touch up throughout the day and evening.

Exfoliate & Hydrate

It is super important to exfoliate regularly and hydrate the skin as much as possible ahead of the big day. If possible, it is great to get treatments done in the months leading up to the wedding but a sheet face mask the night before is always a great idea! I love the Seoulista ‘gold glow’ and ‘diamond radiance’ sheet masks.

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