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I had a dream...

My name is Marc Bates, I am a storyteller. 
 I am a romantic, an excited traveller, a lover of life, laughter and chocolate!
I find inspiration everywhere and joy in the little things. I think you're the same which is why we have connected.

I choose to work with couples like you who realise the importance of wedding photography and want to create something truly unique so that they can remember this day for the rest of their lives.

Your desire to have beautiful wedding images is matched by my own to create them for you. More than anything I want to give you images that conjure such strong emotions that you are able to relive your wedding through my work. 

Just like you, your wedding photos will be unique. 

I believe that your wedding photographer should be someone that you like so much, that you would invite them to your wedding as a guest. That is the level of connection I want with my clients.

It is so important to have a bond of trust with the person who photographs your wedding, who spends this important day by your side and who is spending time with the people you love most in the world. This level of trust can only exists between friends.

And one day that dream came true!

"We chose Marc because of his beautiful photos, but also because of his sensitivity to our three year old son who is partially deaf and autistic.
Marc managed to take beautiful, moving, “real” photos of our family, without forcing our son to pose or perform."

Natasha & Ryan

I have always wanted to make sure I was giving back and using my photography to help people less fortunate than myself or supporting worthwhile endeavours.

I wanted to help one national and one international organisation as well as a mental health charity. I am very proud to have chosen
The National Forest, Mind and VOW for girls. 

I made my dream come true,
it's important for me to try and help others do the same.

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Marc Bates, award winning
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Would you like to see behind the lens?


There is no limit to what I will do or how far I will go to get the perfect shot.
The moments that will create that "once in a lifetime photograph"  exist everywhere and all we need do is be ready to catch them.
If that means I have to be up a tree or laying in a puddle then so be it

~ MB

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