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You know a bit more about me, now I want to show you some of my work. 
You may have seen some of the images before if you found me via social media, but rather than have a simple grid of photographs, I want to take you into each of these unique wedding days. 
Hopefully by looking at each collection of images, you will get a feel for the day. 

Where possible I have made sure to include the details of the other suppliers from the wedding so that you can see more of their beautiful work. 

"Your energy lights up any area you inhabit and your zest for life is infectious. What a shining example you are !!
You see only the positive and good in people and are a very rare individual"

 Michael Charles, Father of thE Bride

Mr Michael Charles

WOW!! Marc was amazing. One big thing for us was for it to not feel like a photo shoot. Marc did an amazing job at making us feel at Ease. He has this ability to just blend in with the party and make people feel at ease. He comes up with the most creative concepts and goes to any lengths to get ‘the one’. He is just a great person to have taking photo’s at your wedding If I had to choose just 3 words for him I would say
Easy-going, meticulous, creative


Lorna Gamman

Named as their image of the month


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marc Bates photos

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